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Manu Bankul

An attempt to include an obscure place and it's people economically and socially

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Tailor-made options for remote people aims to bridge the digital divide between the forward and backward poor localities. The remote villagers do not have access to various channels of economic pursuits brought out by online platforms. They are not exposed to various online skill development programmes or courses which are available on nominal fee. If they know through smartphones also, the problem faced is how to subscribe them ! Digital economy is yet to percolate to the remote villages. Manubankul dotcom shall facilitate the remote villagers in onboarding them to the online platforms available in urban space so that their children access to best online courses to upgrade their skills and make better economical pursuits on the strength of good skill and efficiency.

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East Manu Bankul, P.O. Bishnupur, Sabroom,South Tripura

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Enabling local farmers and artisans

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Human-Ecosystem Equilibrium

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